Version 0.3.4

Version 0.3.4

The biggest behind the curtain update this time is a change to the collision code for projectile weapons. This change means we can have much faster projectiles in the game. With that, the Chaingun has received an update. The bullets now move much, much faster, and the graphics have been updated to reflect this.

Also added a new "mini boss": the Spiral Drone. This new unique enemy spins ferociously firing lasers in all directions, and will drop a Credit when defeated. That currently makes two mini bosses, only one of which will spawn, just once, anywhere from the 3rd system to the 6th.

The final main additions are two new fuel crystals; a Green one, and a Red. If you collect a Green Crystal, you will receive a defence boost, and a Red Crystal gives you a damage boost. Blue Crystals remain unchanged, and offer no bonus. Collecting a different colour Crystal will override the current bonus. These two new Crystals must be unlocked before they can be found.

Thanks for reading!


New fast moving projectile calculations
Changed Chaingun
2 new Fuel Crystals; Green And Red
New mini boss - Spiral Drone
Added all 3 Fuel Crystals to the items archive
Leech weeds now give a small amount of oxygen in addition to stealing fuel
FIXED - Beam weapons not updating damage dealt stat
FIXED - Message shortcuts crash
FIXED - Cost of repair at stations not showing red when unaffordable
FIXED - Shrine not offering donation on all but the starting planet
FIXED - Exit now turns off properly once you jump
FIXED - Changed level tutorial page 3 "TAB" graphic to the correct "SHIFT" graphic

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Version 0.3.4 57 days ago

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