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Launch into space and fight your way through procedurally generated systems of ever increasing danger. Explore the galaxy as you travel, all the while maintaining your jump fuel and oxygen reserves.

Deeper Into Space is a single player, 2D space survival/shooter, with rogue-like elements, for Windows.

How deep into space can you go?

Deeper Into Space is still in early development, and as a result is likely to evolve with player feedback. The game is an entirely solo project, so player feedback is vital to the future development of the game. If you purchase the game now, all future updates will be free!

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Currently, the player can fight their way from system to system, levelling up their ship as they progress. Right now there are 12 different enemy types and one Boss enemy. Bosses are optional enemies and can usually be avoided if you don't have the guts, but they offer great rewards if you can take them down. At the moment you can progress for as long as you can survive. There is no 'end'. 

Latest Additions and Changes (Version 0.2.0)

  • New zone!
  • New planet type
  • 4 new enemies
  • Refineries added
  • Reduced the income from metal ores
  • New poisoned state
  • Fixed a crash when enemies where struck by lightning
  • Fixed be able to warp with more than a 3rd fuel and going into negative fuel

  • Multiple weapons, equipment and enemies. Unlock new weapons and equipment: The more you play, the more you unlock!
  • Procedural  levels.
  • Permadeath.
  • Stat tracking.
  • Local high scores.
  • Gamepad support.

  • More content! Weapons, equipment, enemies etc.
  • Different 'zones' with different planet types and enemies.
  • A new, rarer currency (credits) in addition to scrap, the main currency.
  • Random missions to complete to earn credits. These will be simple tasks; destroy all enemies in the system, visit every sector in the system, jump to the next system within a time frame etc.
  • More rare, unique enemies and bosses that will drop credits when they are defeated.
  • A unique shop  at the start of every run, where you can spend credits to unlock locked weapons and equipment, and buy or equip new 'skins' for your ship.

The demo version of Deeper Into Space has nearly everything the full game does, however, the only oxygen you will receive will be the canister you start with. This means your O2 will eventually run out, and you will perish. In the full version, additional O2 can be found, so you can continue to progress. This should still be enough to give you a good taste of the full version.


Buy Now$4.99 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $4.99 USD. You will get access to the following files:

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Version 0.2.0

Download demo

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what game engine and language did u use to make this game?

The current version is made with Gamemaker 1.4, so the language is GML. However, I'm currently porting it to Gamemaker 2 for the up coming update.


Will it eventually be on Steam? Will purchasers (here) get a Steam key? Thanks for making this!


I would eventually like to get the game to Steam, but not until it is in a more complete state. itch.io keeps a log of every purchase, so if and when it does make it to Steam, sending Steam keys to people who have already purchased here should not be a problem.

Thanks a lot for playing!


Sounds great. Thank you!